American Dream 35



3 to tango id1359463 TO TANGO ( José Miguel Belloque Vane, Roy Verdonk et Raymond Sarlemijn)

Arcade id134038ARCADE ( Daniel Trepat & José Miguel Belloque Vane & Jean-Pierre Madge)

Castles maggie g inter phrasedCASTLES (Maggie Ghallager)

Cherry 20on 20top 20 20debbie 20rushton 2cguillaume 20richard 2cdarren 20bailey 2cadv phrasedCHERRY ON TOP (Debbie Rushton, Guillaume Richard, Darren Bailey)

Chicargo gold fred whitehouse daniel trepat simon ward adv wcsCHICAGO GOLD (Daniel Trépat Fred Whitehouse & Simon Ward)

Choose joy rachael mcenaney white october 2019 copperknobCHOOSE JOY (rachael-mcenaney-white)

Dance on my island id133728DANCE ON MY ISLAND (Shane Mc Keever)

Fake smile guillaume richard jannie t andersen adv rolling countFAKE SMILE (guillaume-richard-jannie-t.-andersen)

Feel the heat id141127FEEL THE HEAT (Maddison Glover, José Miguel Belloque Vane , Roy Verdonk)

Fall away simon ward esmeralda v d p inter rolling countFALL AWAY  (simon-ward-esmeralda-v.d.p)

Get wild maddison glover jo thompson szymanski inter phrasedGET WILD (maddison-glover-jo-thompson-szymanski)

Imperfections id137017IMPERFECTIONS (Esmeralda Van Der Pol)

I love it me gusta id134187I LOVE IT ME GUSTA (Tim Johnson)

La bomba fred whitehouse shane mckeever interLA BOMBA (fred-whitehouse-shane-mckeever)

L i l y like i love you by darren bailey lo interL.I.L.Y.   (Darren Bailey) 

Memories wil bos colin ghys interMEMORIES   (wil-bos et colin-ghys)

Moves simon ward shane mckeever interMOVES (Simon Ward & Shane Mc Keever)

Ocean to ocean david h sobrielo pg grace d rebecca l ez interOCEAN TO OCEAN  (David Hoyn ,Sobrielo Philip Gene , Grace David , Rebecca Lee)

Play with fire nev julie hi interPLAY WITH FIRE (Julie Harris et Nevillle Fitzgerald)

Shot of tequila fred whitehouse interSHOT OF TEQUILA (Fred Whitehouse)

South of the border id136028SOUTH OF THE BORDER (Jhon Batin)


Thousand times id135627THOUSAND TIMES (Niels Poulsen)

Unforgettable darren bailey january 2020 copperknobUNFORGETTABLE (darren-bailey)

Woke up late maddison glover advWOKE UP LATE (Madison Glover)