Do it like this id124544DO IT LIKE THIS (Jonno Liberman)

Falling in love with me id125805FALLING IN LOVE WITH ME (Alexis Strong)

Feels like home id126238FEELS LIKE HOME (Emil Zetterström)

Gotta move id123383 1GOTTA MOVE  (Julie Talbot & Helen Ng)

Moves ez baby id129542MOVES EZ BABY ( Annemaree Sleeth)

No promises v2NO PROMISES  (Bill Larson )

Sanctify my sins ez v2SANCTIFY MY SKINS EZ (Céline Porcher)

Souba jonathan yangSOUBA (Jonathan YANG)

Such a night id130333SUCH A NIGHT  (Héléna Jeppsson )

Watch the tempo ez id127120WATCH THE TEMPO EZ  (Judy Rodgers and Mitzi Day)