American Dream 35


A little happy line debut A LITTLE HAPPY  (Si Birchwood) 

American kids 1AMERICAN KIDS (randy Pelletier)


Baby belle BABY BELLE

Babycham peter alison sept 2014 copperknob 1BABYCHAM (Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick).pdf

Bella ez franaisBELLA EZ (Maryloo)

Boom boom nov 14BOOM BOOM (Marylène Bocquet)

4 buzz me franck trace copperknobBUZZ ME (Frack Trace)

Call me easy alCALL ME EASY AL (Laura Sway & Debbie Ellis)

Come back to dance with me 1COME BACK TO DANCE WITH ME (Madalena Afonso & Stéphanie Doussinaud)

Come dance with meCOME DANCE WITH ME (Jo Thompson)

FeelingFEELING HOT (Rachael McEnaney) 

Fireball easy id99900 1FIREBALL EASY ALL  (Marthe Thibeault)

Future husband ez id100446FUTURE HUSBAND  (Annemaree Sleeth)

Junior geronimo id100576JUNIOR GERONIMO ( Gaye Teather)

Jjust add moonlight maggie gallagher 1 JUST ADD MOONLIGHT (Maggie Gallagher)

Knocking on wood mini id97084KNOCKING ON WOOD MINIf (Anette C. Holtet)     

Little dance againLITTLE DANCE AGAIN (Virgile Porcher)

Let it bay be 1LET IT BAY BE (Tina Argyle)

Liquid lunch debutantLIQUID LUNCH (Maryloo)

My everything MY EVERYTHING (Dee Musk)

Rocket the sun 1ROCKET TO THE SUN (Maddison Glover)

Start to sway START TO SWAY (Sandra LE BROCQ)

Stealing the best 1STEALING THE BEST (Rosie Multari)   

Time of our lives mars 2015 mbTIME OF OUR LIVES (Marylène Bocquet)

 Timeless d lineTIMELESS (Amanda Andrews & Jhonnie Dean)

Uptown funkUPTOWN FUNK EASY (Mitzi Day) 

Vai dancar 1 VAI DANCAR (Eric Lecardonnel)

We only live once easyWE ONLY LIVE ONCE  (easy)